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So, here I am
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Below are the 11 most recent journal entries recorded in Ominod's LiveJournal:

Thursday, September 29th, 2005
3:20 pm

There is no justification for this man. None. Glad he was Secretary of Education in the 80's.

Current Mood: astounded
Thursday, July 14th, 2005
9:20 am
The best show no one saw.
Well, last night my Llamas put up an excellent show. Sadly, we only had the following 4 people in the audience:

- one member who was not ready to perform (due to recent tragedy in her family)
- the light board op
- the house manager
- one paying customer(hooray!)

The improv-only format works very, very well. It's tempting to drop the sketch all-together, but I'm all for doing things the hard way. And adding polished sketches to last night's level of improv would only make the shows sparkle that much more.

So, if you're not busy next Wednesday, come see the show. If you are busy, send two friends in your stead.

Current Mood: good
Tuesday, July 12th, 2005
4:52 pm
Last second invite
Looks like I'm doing standup again tonight. Going to go through my material over the next 2 hours and put together a new set. If you're interested in seeing me attempt once more to "rock"the mic, I'll be at Siberia tonight from 7p to 9p It's in the basement of a bar on 40th Street with no sign. There's just a red light over the door on the south side of the street, close to 9th Avenue.

I'll be making more appearances, just thought I'd start posting more about it to get me back in the habit of letting people know what I'm up to. Silly Hermit that I am.

Current Mood: good
1:24 pm
A deeply meaningful mass email
For those of you not fortunate enough to be on my mass-email hitlist...

"Hello, my wonderful mass email recipient.

It has either been days, weeks or years since we’ve been in contact, and some of you may not even be living in the same state/country any longer, but pardon the interruption. I wanted to alert you to a few improv shows I have coming up this month in New York City. The information is below. I apologize for the short notice, but I’ve also been busy preparing for my wedding next month. I cry your forgiveness.

Also, if you WANT OFF THIS LIST, kindly reply and type “off” either in the subject or body of the email. You need not list any reasons, but if you want to go into them I’d be more than happy to read them. I could site examples of people who’ve requested to be removed and were, but handing out their emails so you could contact them seems to go against their original request.

Thank you for your time. Until our next mass email...

-Salvatore Brienik

Fugly Productions presents the Jolly Llamas in:
Skip the Appetizers

The Llamas focus their Three Course Comedy menu down to dinner and dessert, to present an evening of fully improvised scene-work and games.

Starring: Salvatore Brienik, Joe DeFeo, Liz Eckert, Amy Garson and Daniel Rech
Directed by: Salvatore Brienik
Where: Gotham City Improv,
158 W. 23rd St New York, NY 10011 (between 6th and 7th Ave., above Monster Sushi)
When: Wednesdays, July 13th & 20th 2005 at 7pm
Tickets: $5

For information or to make a reservation, call 917.558.3549 or visit www.gothamcityimprov.com"

Current Mood: accomplished
Thursday, July 7th, 2005
12:33 pm
On violence
My thoughts on London.

First off, for whatever they're worth, my condolences to everyone in or who knows someone in London right now.

Second, I refuse to be impressed or intimidated by the act. Not out of some macho sense, but from looking at what they did. They picked a highly crowded metropolis with far too many people to monitor, picked the busiest time of day in congested areas, and told one another "at X time, go." That's it. They made no point. They accomplished nothing more than death.

Destruction is one of the simplest acts to commit. It requires little to no planning, organization, effort or thought. Creation, building, life...those take effort.

What did this accomplish? Some millitant groups gets to shout "Be afraid, cross us and people will die!" This means nothing. People with reason and without reason kill other people every damn day. The most common response to such an act is retribution, and more killing. If you bomb or kill in the name of a people or in "revenge" for a group, the odds are that same group you're avenging is going to have more people killed as a direct result of your actions.

Will these people live on in infamy? No. Some claim their religion will make them martyrs. This is one of religion's oldest, dirtiest tricks. I do not give a shit about any other aspect of your religion, when it encourages people to kill in the name of god, it is wrong. Done.

I would like people to look at what all the violent acts of the 20th and 21st centuries have accomplished. The wars started, the killings, the bombings, the assassinations. I would then like people to look at what non-violent protests, organized resistances and demonstrations have accomplished. Compare them. See which one WORKS and which just leads to more death.

If your aim truly is for the people you claim it is, it would be in your interest to work things out in a peaceful manner. It's the only way progress is made. But if your way is death, you're not interested in the people you claim to be avenging. You're into the power trip violence gives the committer of the act. You are worthless.

The answer is not laying down arms or never fighting. The answer is complex, and involves first and foremost understanding. We could kill every islamic militant in the world, and terror would not magically go away. No, you cannot reason with everyone, but the less you use reason, the more poeple will move beyond it's sway.

Simple solutions are a trap. They bulldoze reality in order to form a catchy sound byte. Resist simple solutions.

One final thought - don't dehumanize your enemy. Ever. Every side recognizing we're all humans is such a key step to getting over all of this bullshit. Soldiers have to take lives, and risk losing theirs. If every soldier understood what that meant, imagine the state of the world. It would be nice to see some of those soldiers who understood this leading my nation, instead of the Deferrment Gang.

Current Mood: frustrated
Wednesday, July 6th, 2005
4:54 pm
Standup, Llamas and more
Upcoming events:

Friday is karaoke at Cassidy's in Astoria (Broadway and 35th Street). Come hear me butcher some tunes.

Tuesday is more standup at Siberia. It's on the south side of 40th Street, just before 9th Aveune (if traveling west, from Times Square region). There is no sign, just a red light above a door. Enter the bar, then head downstairs. Show generally goes from 7-9.

This Wednesday night (and the following Wednesday) is the return of the Jolly Llamas, the troupe I constantly mention yet never advertise. Release below:

"Fugly Productions presents the Jolly Llamas in:
Skip the Appetizers

The Llamas focus their Three Course Comedy menu down to dinner and dessert, to present an evening of fully improvised scene-work and games.

Starring: Salvatore Brienik, Joe DeFeo, Liz Eckert, Amy Garson and Dan Rech
Directed by: Salvatore Brienik
Gotham City Improv
Address: 158 W.23rd St New York, NY 10011 (between 6th and 7th Ave., above Monster Sushi)
Date: Wednesdays, July 13th & 20th 2005 at 7pm
Tickets: $5

For tickets and information, call 917.558.3549 or visit www.gothamcityimprov.com

The Jolly Llamas: because comedy should be funny."

Hope to see you all somewhere

Current Mood: excellent
Tuesday, November 30th, 2004
12:11 pm
A very important message
For all of you wondering what I'm up to, and why I don't post more often:

First, mark your calendars for The Jolly Llamas Christmas Spectacular Spectacular!

Join the Jolly Llamas as they raise money for the Gay Men's Health Crisis (GMHC) with a fun-filled holiday celebration. The GMHC is a not-for-profit, volunteer-supported and community-based organization committed to national leadership in the fight against AIDS. To learn more, go to www.gmhc.org

The Jolly Llamas Christmas Spectacular Spectacular!
Monday, December 6th @ 7:00pm and 8:30pm
The Producers Club
358 W 44th Street, off of Ninth Ave.
Tickets: $10
To make reservations, contact Salvatore Brienik at brienik@hotmail.com

Featuring: Charlie Berfield, Salvatore Brienik, Joseph DeFeo, Liz Eckert, Becky Flaum, Kelli Hornachek, Miriam Lipner, Daniel Rech, and many special guests.

This uproariously funny and wildly entertaining evening will include a raffle, special guest apperances and charity galore! 100% of the ticket and raffle sales will be donated to the GMHC.

Second, CNYC Productions in association with Group in Progress is proud to present a
bold new staging of Michael Weller's seminal 1960's anti-war comedy

Set during the late 60's escalation to Vietnam , Moonchildren follows seven
college seniors confronting graduation, going to war, and roommates who'll
eat your food. Heartbreakingly funny and as poignant as ever, the
Moonchildren learn that if war is hell, roommates aren't far behind...

Featuring a stand-out cast of New York's finest young actors, scene-stealing
supporting actors and simply brilliant production value, CNYC Productions
invites you to step back into the 60's and experience the pain, joy, and
mystery of almost-adulthood as school and a divided America lurch onward.


The Kraine Theater - 85 East 4th Street - (between 2nd + 3rd Ave ) - no
wheelchair access


Nov. 29th, 30th and Dec. 1st @ 7:00 / Dec. 9th, 10th, 11th, 16th, 17th and
18th @ 7:30 / Dec. 12th and 19th 4:00 Matinee


$15.00 General / $13.00 Student (w. ID) / 13.00 Senior Citizen / $12.50

Purchase w. SmartTix @ (212) 868-4444 or On-Line @ www.ComedyNYC.com


Ali Skye Bennet / Salvatore Brienik / Christopher Farmer / Ben Morrison /
Vincent Piazza* / Galeit Sehayek / Elana Sidorina / Josh Wade


John Paul Cooney / Stephen Diacrussi* / Henry Lampert / Joe Maselli* / Rick
Prochilo / Rene Ojeda*


Mike DeCleene / Andrea Kenner / Stephanie Huynh


John Paul Cooney


Ben Morrison & CNYC Productions

Visit CNYCWorld @ www.ComedyNYC.com

CNYC Productions :: WeGiveGoodShow

Current Mood: clear
Wednesday, November 3rd, 2004
12:00 pm
To all those complaining about the people who are complaining about the election results in their LJ
I love that people feel so attached to this election. I'm glad they're voicing their approval/disapproval.

As for being "sick of political rants" and "people being judgemental"...this is LIVEJOURNAL, people. Go read your own damn posts. All we do is bitch and act judgemental here!

I used to be cooly detached, commenting on the silliness of those who take sides, until I realized that people remain detached just so they can make fun of BOTH sides without being attacked themselves.

Current Mood: amused
Tuesday, October 26th, 2004
9:40 am
Oh good. Reality TV is getting worse

I hate Candid Camera -type shows. I loathe people getting their jollies on someone else being duped or made to look like an ass. Punk'd? Horsecrap. And now, we've hit a new level..let's post auditions in a real trade paper, cast actors who are desperate for a role, pretend to film a movie for a week, then at the end tell them they're actually on a reality TV show about how much humiliation and stupidity actors are willing to go through when they think they're being given a shot at their dream. Hell, let's even throw other 'established' actors in the mix to lend an air of credibility to it. Won't that be a hoot!

But, hey, in a way they are given a shot, right? I mean, they are being put on a TV show that will get them exposure! Right. Next time, let's take some MBAs fresh out of grad schools, have them apply for a VP position in an established company, throw a bunch of fake disasters their way and make them look ridiculous trying to manage them, then after a few weeks throw a camera in their face and tell them it was all fake. But, hey, they got to 'play a real VP' and get seen by executives at a real company. So, in a way, it was helpful to their careers, right?

This show will do just as well as all the other reality-based feces that has become a dietary mainstay of our television consumption. And the people on it will smile and say how great it was, because how dare they bite the hand that's potentially feeding them.

Current Mood: aggravated
Tuesday, October 12th, 2004
2:40 pm
Show information
Dear LiveJournal Reader:

Salvatore Brienik has decided to start keeping everyone posted on his acting career. If you’d rather he didn’t, feel free to skip the entry below.

Now, the latest, brought to you by Contusion Comedy:

This Friday, Oct. 15
7pm -$7
Brian Marks
The Jolly Llamas (That’s the group Sal’s in, for those keeping score at home)
Craig Griggs
& Devil's Dancebelt!

Gotham City Improv!
158 W23rd St.
above Monster Sushi

The Llamas are continuing their three course comedy format. In 45 minutes we will present the original sketches, long-form improvisation and short-form games the audience selects from an ever-evolving potential list. Come see why during our last show a two-year old boy in the audience shouted “It’s funny!”

Current Mood: awesome
Tuesday, September 28th, 2004
10:57 am
If I post it here, I have to follow through with it, right?
Tuesday, October 5th.

Open mic night at Ha!, 369 West 46th Street off 9th Avenue.
Starts at 5:30, signup at 5pm.
$5 for 6 minutes of glory.
First come, first serve.

I'll head there after work on Tuesday, see if I can get a spot. Here's to skipping the toe/foot/ankel/leg/waist/chest/head method and just diving in!

Current Mood: anxious
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